Venue Partnerships

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Venue Partnership Proposal


 GrooveSafe is a non-profit organization addressing sexual misconduct at concerts. Our goals are to stop unwanted touching at live music events and be present in the live music scene across all genres. We believe a change in behavior will start with awareness of the problem. This movement strives to keep the conversation going and build a culture with emphasis on consent. We want people to stop worrying about safety and be able to focus on the music. GrooveSafe’s long term goals include educating people on how to take action as an active bystander, tips on staying safe and offering resources to venues and survivors. Our logo represents a silent message to stand against the unwanted touching and sexual assault. GrooveSafe has worked with bands, festivals and benefit concerts since 2017 and we are entering the venue partnership space in 2020. GrooveSafe seeks to work with music venues to spread awareness and educate patrons about the issue of sexual misconduct at shows or let attendees know that the venue supports that consent is mandatory. This is a campaign to establish a partnership between GrooveSafe and the music venue 


 Sexual misconduct and unwanted touching is a serious problem in the live music space and destructive to the scene. A lot of misconceptions exist on the topic and GrooveSafe is on a mission to build consent culture and make shows better for everyone.

The goal is to have patrons regain their passion for attending live music. We expect people to feel comfortable doing what they love, but buying a ticket to the show isn’t enough anymore. People hesitate going out due to the fear of being groped or assaulted. In the age of online streaming, we have seen a drop in ticket sales due to this issue. Instead of allowing the live music experience to erode we want to fix it. Unwanted touching has been a problem for years; GrooveSafe gives people a voice to make it stop. Our awareness campaign will keep the conversation current and our ultimate goal is to change these behaviors for good. This campaign will remind people about body safety and how sexual misconduct will not be tolerated in the live music space. The venue plays a crucial role in mending the problem and patrons who feel safe are more likely to return and bring a friend. The partnership signs will influence people to participate in positive behavior and express the mandatory need for consent at the venue.


 A partnership with GrooveSafe will provide the following:

-Educational, unisex signage for the bathrooms or other areas in the venue to remind patrons “Self-expression is not an invitation” to touch anyone at any time. The signage will show all attendees that the venue supports a safe environment for all of its guests.

-The venue website will add the GrooveSafe logo or a link to to show the partnership on digital platforms

-The organization will continue communications and support for the venue as the culture changes and provide local professional resources

-GrooveSafe will provide safety  tips for venue staff